Tawaf counter in hand

7 Beads Tawaf Tasbeeh

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  • Available in multiple attractive colours
  • Fits fingers well
  • Great for Tawaf counting.
  • Easy and light on fingers.
  • A bit tight, so as to avoid beads rolling themselves
  • Useful for all, ladies, gents and kids

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The seven beads tawaf tasbeeh is a product uniquely developed in order to help pilgrims remember how many rounds have they taken in Tawaf. Because of the sheer amount of rush and sometimes in an attempt to kiss Hajr-e-Aswad, one can easily forget, how many of the 7 rounds have they taken. This tasbeeh helps you by counting them on your fingers.

It is deliberately made a little tight to slide, so that the beads do not slide to err in counting. This particular one is robust and durable for repeated use. It is by far the best Tasbeeh available in UK and at best price