Gents complete Umrah kit

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Ramadan offer umrah kit


Contains all the items needed for umrah listed for your convenience.

  1. 1400 Grams best quality cotton Ihram  Qty: 1
  2. 7 Beads Saee tasbeeh Qty: 1
  3. 100 Beads Tasbeeh for Zikr Qty: 1
  4. Scissor, file and Nail cutter Kit: Qty: 1
    1. Razor Scissor: Best Quality to cut hair after umrah
    2. Nail Cutter with Steel edge
    3. File for nails
  5. Ihram Belt Qty: 1
  6. Digital Tasbeeh counter  Qty: 1
  7. Petroleum Jelly Qty: 1
  8. No Perfume Soap Qty: 1
  9. Prayer Cap Qty: 1
  10. Portable Prayer rug Qty: 1
  11. Digital Lock for Bags Qty: 1
  12. Ball pen to fill forms Qty: 1
  13. Permanent Black Marker for bags Qty: 1
  14. Broad packing tape Qty: 1
  15. Non-Alcoholic Itr Qty: 1
  16. Peelu Miswak  Qty: 1
  17. Surma Ahmar Men Qty: 1
  18. Hajj umrah Guide DVD Qty: 1
  19. Pocket Hajj Guide Qty: 2
  20. Pocket Umrah Guide Qty: 2
  21. Large Safety pins for Ihram Qty: 5
  22. Small Safety pins Qty: 10
  23. Soft Tissue Pack Qty: 1
  24. Razor to take care of unwanted hair
  25. Sandals according to Shariah requirements of Hajj & Umrah Qty: 1
  26. Hot & Cool Water Bottle Qty: 1
  27. Key chain with Kaaba Direction Qty: 1
  28. Rose Shopper for emergency shopping: Qty: 1
  29. High Quality Leather Socks Qty: 1
  30. No sweat cotton Shoe Bag Qty: 1
  31. Surgical Mask to prevent getting infections and save from dust Qty: 2
  32. Multi Purpose umrah kit bag Qty: 1

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Ramadan offer umrah kit

The gents umrah kit is an amazing product, aimed at reducing the hassle involved in purchasing all the required items for Umrah. Special care has been taken to ensure that you get all the items required during your holy journey. It is a comprehensive product and has been priced so low that only a few of the high quality items will cover your cost. All items are packed in zipped pouches to ensure freshness. While all these items are umrah specific, most of these can be used later in life as well, including, but not limited to other travel scenarios.

  1. Use the DVD in the kit to learn about umrah in detail. There are detailed videos in English, Arabic and Urdu explaining method of performing umrah and what to pack etc. Please order kit as early as possible from your umrah to see all videos in detail and practice wearing ihram etc.
  2. Use razor to get rid of unwanted hair.
  3. Use nail cutter and file to cut nails.
  4. When you leave for umrah, you can put on your ihram from home or at the airport. It is made of sweat absorbent materiel, keeping in mind hot Saudi weather. It acts as a warm garment in cold weather as well. The Ihram is of highest quality. You will not find 1400 gms pure cotton terry towel ihram very often.
  5. There is an Ihram belt included to hold ihram in place and keep your important documents and money.
  6. Included pins can be used to pin ihram.
  7. You can use the  tape included in the kit to pack your bags/zam zam cartons.
  8. Permanent marker is included for labeling bags.
  9. A digital lock with changeable lock combination is there for use for kit or your other bags.
  10. A ball point is included to fill miscellaneous forms.
  11. Three kinds of tasbeehat are included. You can use these from right after leaving for umrah during it and after coming back. Included tasbeehat are of highest quality.
  12. You can use itr when wearing ihram and after you get out of ihram.Please remember not to use any perfumed products while in the state of ihram.
  13. Ahmar (Brown) Surma can be used as Sunnah. It is not very visible and ideal for men use.
  14. Vaseline is included to save skin from rashes.
  15. Unscented soap can be used during ihram for washing hands etc.
  16. Miswak is used for dental hygiene as sunnah. Peelu has additional advantages. The included miswak is vaccum packed for maximum freshness.
  17. Use the included pocket guides during umrah performance to perform umrah right and recite prayers.  Guides include maps showing steps and places.
  18. Pocket tissue pack can be used during hot days or for other purposes.
  19. A travel adopter comes in handy in hotels to charge or use more than one devices at a time.
  20. A rose shopper is included for emergency shopping.
  21. Haram floors can be hot at places, so a pair of leather socks will help your feet stay normal.
  22. A portble prayer mat has been made part of the kit to pray on.
  23. Umrah Sandals are compliant with shariah requirement for men. A pair of your size is included for use during umrah.
  24. Shoes can be kept in the no sweat cotton shoe bag to avoid loss and remembering where you had put them. The shoe bag comes with shoulder straps and is wearable.
  25. The kit bag is light weight. Actually the whole kit weighs around 3 Kgs. It is not an extra burden on your luggage. The bag also comes with 2 kinds of straps. You can pick it up an move around or simply use the shoulder straps.
  26. The bottle can be used for both hot & cold beverages or water. It can also be used as a glass.
  27. Once umrah is complete, razor scissor can used to trim hair (ladies) or Kasr (gents)
  28. Masks are used to avoid dust and spread of viral diseases.
  29. White prayer caps for prayers.
  30. Key chain for Kaaba direction and room/luggage keys

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