Men’s Ihram

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The Men’s VIP towel Ihram is of highest quality 1300 gms. Size is fit for all adults.

  • Dimensions: 45×90
  • Weightage: 1300 grams
  • Sweat absorbing.
  • No rash, VIP Quality
  • Ideal for Saudi Weather

An Ihram is the most important part of your Hajj and Umrah experience.

Everyone wants to stay comfortable and worry free during Hajj and Umrah.


choosing the wrong Ihram can lead to

  1. purchasing more than one ihram.
  2. Profuse sweating specially in summers
  3. need to change ihrams often
  4. need to wash them more often


Best is to chose out top quality Ihram which is being offered in a very nominal price.

It is not only soft, sweat absorbing and comfortable for body due to being light, it also saves you from buying more than one ihrams.

Its quality and durability make sure you don’t have to wash it again and again.

So, order today from our limited stock and get a delivery within next 3-4 days.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 90 cm