Peelu Miswak Stick

Peelu Miswak Stick

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Peelu Miswak can also be given the name of the natural toothbrush. It is obtained from the twigs of the Arak, or from the Peelu tree. Majority of people use the Peelu Miswak from the Muslim countries. It is proven through studies that in the date of so much development still the use of the Peelu Miswak fro brushing your teeth and cleaning your mount is better than the regular fluoride based toothpaste.

Here are some of the basic Peelu Miswak advantages.

This can also be used to treat the Xerostomia, a health complication in which lesser saliva is produced in mouth causing dry mouth.

The regular use of Peelu Miswak kills the bacteria which can cause the gum diseases. It is 60% more efficient in killing the bacteria than mint.

Peelu Miswak fights the plaque and gingivitis very effectively.

It is also very helpful in order to get rid of bad breath and odors from the mouth. One suffering from any disease or on medication can use this to get rid of mouth odors that are caused by the diseases and medication.

The Peelu Miswak can also be used as an instant mouth freshener, as the use of the Peelu Miswak creates a very pleasant smell in the mouth with the feel of refreshment.

Benefits of Miswak: 

  1. It is a Sunnah of Rasool SAW
  2. Increases thawab of prayers by 70 times.
  3. It helps remove mucus from chest.
  4. It enhances memory.
  5. It is great for relief from headaches. It relaxes brain and nerves.
  6. It increases eyesight.
  7. It helps to digest food.
  8. It is used as antibacterial for teeth.
  9. It prevents plaque and germs build up on teeth.


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